Gain insight into the remuneration trends within your specific market with our salary benchmarking service.

Our business intelligence team uses live data to provide a customised benchmarking service allowing companies to compare salary and benefits available within specific sectors and named companies, helping to make informed and effective remuneration decisions.

The benefits

Our service will provide you with a better understanding of the remuneration trends within your specific market sector to help you make decisions to improve retention rates, guard against loss of staff and assist in the development of attraction strategies for your future recruitment needs.

What does it involve?

Our business intelligence team has direct access to live salary data on our global CRM system. This allows them to provide the most up-to-date, tangible information that can be used by your business to shape future workforce strategies.

As well as access to real-time data the team will conduct supplementary research specific to you, surveying your direct peers to deliver extremely targeted salary and reward data which is evaluated against your requirements, job profiles and organisational scale.

We will show you what your direct peers are doing now and planning to do in relation to pay, reward and employee strategies. Crucially, we will explain what our interpretation and data means for your organisation and how it compares to the rest of the sector.