Having implemented Salesforce in 2014, this Research Software Company wanted to maximize the operational benefits of the platforms interaction with their other suite of products.

The challenge

  • Maximize the operational and tactical benefits of Salesforce’s interaction with a wider suite of products
  • Lack of internal expertise to carry this out
  • Avoid business interruption as much as possible

Our approach

  • Provide a team of experts on-site
  • With just a couple of weeks, make recommendations on the integrations that need to happen and the order in which they should occur to avoid business interruption
  • Work with our customer counterparts to architect a solution to integrate with AvaTax
  • Lead the enhancement and implementation of accounts and contacts integration with Coupa
  • Use Snaplogic to implement a new sales pipeline to convert Salesforce opportunities to Netsuite
cost savings, versus existing partner 
Working practice designed between finance, technology and sales
increase in pipeline conversion, within the first five months