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A sea of change or a COVID change?

​If there is one thing we have learned from the COVID-19 crisis, the multiple lockdowns and imposed working from home, is that it has given people time for reflection as to what is important personally and professionally moving forward. Whilst some have simply given thought to what they will do whilst we wait out the COVID storm, many have seen this crisis as an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives moving forward, using it as a catalyst to make a permanent change.

It comes as no surprise that we are seeing an increasing number of Lawyers reassessing their current predicament and making the brave step to move home or abroad for many different reasons. Some express the desire to be closer to their families, some seeking a better lifestyle and some even looking for more advantageous career perspectives in a country less impacted by recent global events.

It is difficult to ignore that certain countries have been ravaged by COVID, with Australia and New Zealand being the poster children on how to handle a pandemic effectively with the least amount of collateral damage to their respective economies and citizens.

The success of both these countries is largely a result of quick and divisive action from both governments, giving the virus little opportunity to wreak havoc on its people. Australia was quick to close its borders to the world, only allowing citizens and valid visa holders in – whilst still requiring all arrivals to complete a strict 14-day mandatory quarantine.

This has allowed life to almost return to normal as people return to the office, restaurants and bars open, restrictions loosening on gathering in homes and even the return of weddings and sporting events. As many people overseas have bypassed their one-year milestone of strict lockdowns, this return to normality is an attractive prospect for those contemplating the move back to Australian shores. Additionally, it has also led to several candidates in Australia reassess their potential overseas move, opting for a more local domestic career move.

Of course, many of our candidates still see the value in working abroad, in order to gain invaluable international experience. Some relocated only shortly before the pandemic unfolded and do not want to see their visas go to waste and are choosing to take the “wait and see” approach – especially as vaccinations are beginning to roll out.

The strict border controls and a reduced incoming talent pool into the Australian market has led to an increase in demand from clients across a number of different areas. Additionally, optimism amongst clients remains high as many look to bring in talent returning home from overseas within areas they aren’t necessarily actively recruiting. Some of the main areas we have seen high levels of interest in are:

  • Construction

  • Corporate

  • Banking & Finance

  • Funds

  • Employment

  • Competition

  • Tax

With the pandemic far from over, it is still too early to see if the trends we are seeing are a temporary knock-on effect of COVID, or if we are seeing a permanent shift in light of Australia’s impressive handling of the virus. Once vaccinations roll out globally and normality slowly returns to the world stage – we will better understand how this extraordinary crisis has impacted the wants and needs of Australians at home, and abroad.

At Hydrogen, we have specialist consultants focusing on a number of locations, including:

  • Australia

  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong

  • Middle East

  • Offshore

  • Europe

  • London

If you are looking to relocate abroad or hire into your team, please feel free to contact Tamara Salem who will be able to help.

Posted almost 3 years ago
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