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Robin Hussain

Delivery Consultant


I work in the Engineering team within Life Sciences at Hydrogen Group EMEA. I primarily recruit engineers across Europe in the Pharmaceutical industry. In my previous role at Hydrogen I was a Digital Researcher tasked with sourcing and networking with people that are within the Life Sciences industry which includes niches such as Medical, Engineering and Clinical. I also have extensive experience in data management and supporting Life Sciences team with various Projects. I decided to move into Consultancy role because I enjoyed speaking with industry leaders and people with a variety of skills and experiences and getting to know them as a person too.

​I have a background in Computing and currently studying part time Software Engineering MSc. I enjoy everything to do with technology and engineering as I find it extremely fascinating and pioneering. In my spare time I enjoy reading and going to the gym, a good balance of physical and mental health in my opinion. Also I am a huge fan of Manchester United and have been following and supporting them for over 20 years. I am always available for networking and you can reach out to me on LinkedIn at any time.

Robin Hussain
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