Global hiring increases by 48% over past 12 months

Hydrogen’s sixth ‘Global professionals on the move’ report.

Ian Temple, CEO:

I am proud to launch Hydrogen’s sixth ‘Global professionals on the move’ report.

Focussing on the significant role that global mobility continues to play with advancing the world’s economy, it is estimated that 235 million people live and work overseas, and there seems to be no sign of this movement of people slowing down. In fact, global hiring has increased by 50% over the past twelve months.

As the world becomes more accessible, with global professionals becoming increasingly adaptable, we see people moving to a wider geography. Professionals are now working in sector hubs and cities all over the world and the talent pool also incorporates professionals from countries such as China. As professionals move further afield we find a new set of challenges around language, adapting to the host country, complex visa requirements and security.

We noted last year that the financial crisis had not impacted upon professionals desires to move internationally. The recovery from the recent global recession has encouraged companies to expand their international reach as they seek to overcome candidate scarce markets, where sourcing the right talent, and overcoming the skills gap often means having to look beyond the local talent pool.

Whilst professionals may be increasingly willing to relocate, the basis on which they will consider an opportunity may differ from companies offerings. For example, many companies are turning to short-term contracts to fill specific roles overseas. Such opportunities could be perceived as advancing your career but many survey respondents stipulated their preference to relocate for longer periods of time. With such insight, companies must offer the right relocation package to entice professionals abroad for shorter periods of time. Addressing associated risks of security and stability must be taken into consideration if companies want people to work on acute projects.

Global mobility is no passing trend, and to overcome talent shortages companies are right to address the complexities that surround it. Good recruitment consultancies can help with this, partnering with companies to share their insight around the global talent pool available, remuneration and relocations packages as well as what is motivating professionals to make the move. For the professionals themselves, a specialist consultancy will help them to identify the right opportunity and what to consider when relocating.

October 20, 2016

Posted almost 7 years ago

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