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In-house lawyers: make your experience count

​Happy 2017 to you all!

For my first post of the new year, I wanted to provide a brief overview of the market for junior to mid-level lawyers over the past 12 months. Overall, the demand for in-house talent remained buoyant in 2016, despite Brexit and the uncertain economic landscape.

Commerce and industry, which is the sector I specialise in, wasn’t as adversely affected as private practice and financial services. We have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic roles for a diverse client base including the NBA and Formula One (sports), Warner Bros. (entertainment/film) and The Blair Partnership (publishing) to name but a few.

Suitably qualified lawyers with a solid industry track record are in a strong position with some often able to juggle multiple offers. Organisations therefore need to fight hard to secure the best quality candidates. Our advice would be to ensure that you have efficient processes and keep the momentum up.

As also revealed in our flexible working report for the legal sector, those organisations prioritising flexibility are reaping the rewards, not just in terms of the obvious wellbeing and work-life benefits for their employees, but it’s something that is deeply valued by their workforce (and gives a good impression of their business!).

Quick-fire response

Due to the rapid rise and fast growth of businesses developing and using disruptive technology (such as Snapchat, Uber, Deliveroo) along with the diversification of established businesses who are trying to compete, we have found that particular skill sets are in demand. Lawyers with experience in advertising, technology, content and data protection were highly sought after in 2016, particularly by businesses dealing with the changing ways in which we consume content and data.

Even though candidates are in a strong position, there is still competition for places, so we would advise you to provide your specialist recruiter with a detailed picture of your experience; don’t just expect your CV to do all the talking. You must also be honest about your motivations to ensure that the cultural fit is right.

Being responsive is so important not least because it shows your professionalism. Make sure you stay on top of emails and reply promptly with availability for interviews and feedback. This not only moves the process along quickly but also gives the employer a good impression. The small details can really make a big difference.

If you’d like to know more about the market for in-house legal in industry or want to discuss your specific recruitment requirements, please do get in touch.

Posted about 7 years ago

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