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Staying true to our values

Our CEO and co-founder, Ian Temple, talks more about our company ethos

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn

Finding markets where there is an imbalance of supply and demand is where, as a recruiter, you can add true value. You then build a team with the subject matter knowledge that can solve the recruitment needs of your customers.

But knowing your sector backwards takes a huge amount of investment and time to deliver that much vaunted quality and speed of service. That’s why we introduced our digital researcher scheme in 2015 – to focus on building that expertise and extract the most out of all the data we have.

At Hydrogen, we have built a global business by backing people and encouraging them to take ownership of their careers and grow as entrepreneurs.

The foundations and opportunities we have now are as big as ever. We like to say that it’s very difficult to join Hydrogen and impossible to leave. While that might be hyperbolic, we’re forensically making improvements to all aspects of our business so that our people have the best tools and technology to enable them to spend as much time as possible with our candidates and clients.

Like most companies, we’ve had our share of ups and downs during the last two decades, but we’ve remained true to our values in developing our people. Every organisation has a reservoir of talent that’s often bottled up so it’s our duty to release that potential.

How would I sum up Hydrogen in three words? It would have to be entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration.

Posted almost 7 years ago
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Ian Temple

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