A role model for success - Lindsay's story

Lindsay Strangwick, our Financial Planning & Analysis manager, has been involved in many key company projects since joining Hydrogen in 2012.

We decided to carry out some in-depth analysis of our own…


When I first started, my remit was split into two. I looked after Management Information (MI) across all our practices and the ultra-niche specialisms that sit beneath them, providing recommendations around resource allocation. I also produced all the high level reports for the plc and exec boards.


My focus now is on financial planning, analysis and budgets. We run different modelling scenarios to see how they’ll impact our numbers and bottom line. For example, we recently remodelled our company reward scheme to factor in collaboration and business development. We managed to get the 20+ schemes down to one in the end!


One of the big advantages of working for a company like Hydrogen is the flat hierarchy. Ian [Temple, Hydrogen CEO] and all the senior management team are very approachable. It doesn’t matter where you are on the org chart, you’re encouraged to contribute your ideas. It’s a level of visibility that you don’t get in much larger, siloed companies.


There are always new opportunities here and it’s just a case of taking them! The company is always looking to promote from within and everyone is given a fair chance. It comes down to the culture, which is very much about people development and retention.


Working with and meeting such a diverse group of people, from very senior management down, broadens your horizons. Seeing top professionals at work, their communication skills, how they behave in meetings, how they interact with their teams – it rubs off on you and makes you want to strive higher.


We’re all in it together and that’s something you realise from day one. There is a very close relationship between all our operations and sales teams. As you’d expect it’s very fast paced but everyone has a lot of fun too – there are many incentives, so lots of opportunities to meet people from across the business.


Hydrogen recognises the importance of work-life balance. We’re all trusted to do our jobs, whether we’re in the office or not. It means we’re all happier and of course far more productive!

Lindsay’s top tips:

  • Delegate more – this is something I’ve had to take on board. Don’t be afraid to let go!

  • Question everything – always look to make improvements, don’t take everything as given.

  • Be proactive – go beyond the confines of your job, talk to as many people as you can.

  • Boost your skills – grasp any opportunity to learn, especially from your colleagues.

Posted over 6 years ago

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