How to successfully implement innovation and change

22nd November 2017, The Beaumont, Mayfair, London

How to successfuly implement innovation and change

Wednesday 22 November

08:15 - 10:30am

The Beaumont, Mayfair

It’s widely accepted that shaking up the status quo, disrupting the norm, moving processes forward and into the future is a positive thing for businesses. So why is it that organisations still shy away from innovation implementation?

Join us as we hear from a range of speakers about how best to implement change and innovation.

Our speakers:

What a successful implementation looks like

It’s a sad fact that no one remembers how well a programme solution was designed, tested or built if it fails to implement cleanly. Worse, the programme is remembered for the wrong reasons; the negative impact it caused, outages suffered, customers affected, extra time and money spent on fixing problems or backing out. Mark Pratt will share his experiences as Event Commander of the launch of TSB in 2013, and explore how you can apply best practice to your own implementations.

How do companies embrace disruption?

Lessons from innovation programmes

The start-up ecosystem is fundamentally disrupting the way that all businesses work. Building and maintaining the capacity to innovate is more important than it’s ever been for sustainable and profitable growth. Sam Knight and Natalie Seatter will talk us through the challenges that corporates face at a time when disruption is inevitable and developing an innovation mindset at scale is a prerequisite to survival and future success. Look forward to 40 minutes of exploring dogmas, problem first thinking, assumptions and interactive MVP building!

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