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Finding your one ‘big domino’

Can ONE THING really double, triple or even quadruple your chances of project success?

If you’re responsible for making a BIG change happen or someone who’s accountable for making your project succeed, then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Let me explain…

You’re only one ‘Big Domino’ away

Throughout my years of working on projects like yours, I’ve come to realise one thing: in EVERY project, there’s always one ‘Big Domino’. One ‘big thing’ that, once identified, will totally transform your project.

And if you can find that one big domino and knock it down, EVERYTHING will change – and usually faster than you could imagine.

Take my experience in running the go-live-weekend project to launch a challenger bank. The project was a challenging one, that set out to build something unique and create a new brand in the marketplace. Right from when I took it on, I knew what the ‘Big Domino’ was and throughout lots of challenges and distractions I remained focused on it until, in less than 12 weeks, we launched the bank on the high street to great fanfare.

This would never have been so successful without focus on that ‘Big Domino’.

Another challenger bank approached me to do the same for them a couple of years later. Their ‘Big Domino’ was very different to the first project, but now they are flying and are looking to exponentially expand their business through a major brand acquisition – their business is transformed.

For another major client, a business unit approached me to transform their project and change management process and culture which just wasn’t quite clicking as it should – in just 8 weeks! Their Big Domino was part of their story.

I’ve got dozens of stories like these. Businesses who are massively changed because we found their Big Domino. They got serious, got focused and knocked it down.

Imagine what could happen if we found your ‘Big Domino’

Imagine how that could transform your project. You could double, triple or quadruple your chances of success. You could spend more time delivering high quality outcomes for the business – instead of firefighting problems. You could elevate your project to an exemplar template for future change in your business.

All by finding that ONE big domino.

But finding it can be hard. It can take months of trial and error or hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted on easily avoidable problems.

The good news is, I can find your ONE Big Domino for you… FOR FREE!

That’s right. Me. Working with you on YOUR project. For ONE WHOLE DAY. For FREE.

Actually getting to the answer of what your ‘Big Domino’ is that will help you transform your project. And massively increase your chances of getting it safely over the line, on time and on budget.

Does that sound like something you might want?

If it is, then I might be able to help you. BUT, there’s more to the story.

Getting amazing results and actually pulling this off is – like most things in life – harder than it looks!

Transforming your project will take time, effort and energy. For me to really help you, you will probably need to make some tough changes.

If you’re interested in that then here’s what I’ve got:

  • I’m creating a special programme called P.E.R.F.E.C.T that's limited to just TEN clients; (P.E.R.F.E.C.T stands for ‘Project Enhancement Review For Exemplar Change Teams’)

  • My entire focus will be on finding your ONE thing, perfecting it and then presenting it back to you

  • We’ll do this by spending ONE FULL DAY together – and by following up by email and phone as necessary

  • In between meetings, my team and I will create an action plan for you to knock down that one ‘Big Domino’

So you’ll come away with:

  1. Total clarity on what you need

  2. A crystal-clear road map of exactly how to get that as efficiently as possible (a prescription)

  3. A detailed plan of how to bring your ‘prescription’ to life

  4. A great weight off your shoulders, because your project will have a greatly increased chance of success!

The P.E.R.F.E.C.T programme is by invitation only. If you’re accepted, I can absolutely guarantee that you’ll be thrilled by the results. You’ll have one of the best Programme Managers in the country working on your project for a day.


Before you apply let me be brutally honest with you. I’m in the business of selling Project Management Services and Professionals.

If what we find could benefit from new or different Project personnel or services, that’s what I’ll recommend. And I’ll provide a proposal to supply those people or services.

Of course, you’re under no obligation to take me up on the offer, and can choose to do with my proposal as you wish.

But at least you’ll know what your ‘Big Domino’ is.

Here’s how to apply

  1. Click this link to schedule a call with me

  2. During the 30 minute call, you can ask any questions you have and I can get the information I need to make the day a success

  3. If we both think we’re a good match, I’ll schedule your FREE consulting day in the next few weeks on a day that suits us both

This opportunity is extremely limited because, well, there are only 10 spots available.

If you feel like this is right for you, click to apply and schedule the intro call before the 10 slots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity.

Posted almost 6 years ago
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Mark Pratt

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