CryptoMondays London: August recap

At this month's Meetup, we were stoked to welcome Suren Ravindra from Knabu as our key speaker. Suren talked to us about: State of Play: Digital Asset Security and Multisig.

​For around a year now, I’ve been involved in something that’s turned into a bit of a passion-project: CryptoMondays.

We’re a global community that shares a passion for Crypto and how it's going to change the world in dramatic ways. Meeting once a month, there is no content at CryptoMondays other than like-minded people sharing their views, networking, learning and having a blast!

What I love most about this Meetup is the people – everyone who comes along is incredibly friendly, and we have such a diverse group of members; some know nothing about Crypto, and others are experts, CEO’s & Founders. But the main thing that brings everyone together is that we’re all keen to learn more and help each other out.

August’s Meetup

This month, we had a great turnout (c.35 people), with some familiar as well as new faces, which is always great!

We were stoked to welcome Suren Ravindra as our key speaker. Suren is the Chief Strategy Officer at Knabu, a blockchain services company. Suren started his career in financial services at UBS and RBS investment banks, before moving into oil derivatives trading at a commodities fund in London. In 2018 he led the creation of an OTC Cryptocurrency Trading Desk with a strong focus on business planning, strategy and innovation.

Suren talked to us about: State of Play: Digital Asset Security and Multisig

Specifically, he spoke about:

  • The need for everyone to take ownership of their assets

  • How security is the most important thing – the real risks of hacks, theft, fraud

  • A high-level explanation on different types of security you can offer (cold wallets vs. hot wallets)

  • What is multi-signature security and why use it?

Here are the key slides from his presentation:

Knabu 2-month free trial

Suren is also very kindly giving our Hydrogen & CryptoMondays network a 2-month free trial of Knabu (instead of their standard 30 days free trial!)

Just use this referral code to get an extra 30 days free: CryptoMondays

Click here to take advantage of this offer on their website >>

A big thanks to Suren for his incredibly insightful presentation, and to everyone who came along and made it a great evening. Also, a huge thanks to ConsenSys who host our Meetups in their office each month.

Join us for the next CryptoMondays!

Our next Meetup will be on Monday 16th September, from 6:30pm at ConsenSys.

The theme for next month is all about The problem with scaling Blockchains and some of the techniques being used to overcome this issue with the discussion being led by Charles Cunningham the Founder and CEO of the Tabbre Project as our guest speaker.

Visit our Meetup page to find out more and reserve your spot >>

We hope to see you there!

Posted over 4 years ago

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