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Webinar: How litigation funding adds value to your company

​Re-watch our recent webinar for in-house lawyers to discover how litigation funding works, which cases are suitable for funding and how to present the funding option to your executive team.

Litigation funding is becoming mainstream.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst in increasing requests for funding not only from companies facing solvency issues but from organisations who would traditionally have funded their own litigation but are now looking to maintain cash on the balance sheet. Boards and investors are looking at corporate sustainability and reducing organisational risk is one part of building resilient businesses. Litigation funding removes the cost and budget risk from litigation in return for a share of the damages. If the case is lost, the funder gets nothing.

Securing litigation funding for your cases will give you an independent view of your case by the funder’s legal team, a focus on value and will mean your organisation can allocate budget to its business operations.

Re-watch our recent webinar where Emily O’Neill and Luis Olmos of Deminor Recovery Services talk you through:

  • how litigation funding works

  • which cases are suitable for funding

  • how to present the funding option to your executive team; and

  • how to prepare your case for funding.

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Posted over 3 years ago
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