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Tech T@lks: Why your mental health is not taboo

Welcome to our new series of Hydrogen Tech T@lks! In this series of video interviews, we will speak openly to various UK tech leaders about a range of different topics around the tech industry, how this is continuously changing and how we can get up to speed with all these fast-paced changes.

In our first interview, Zain Graham, our Technology Recruitment Consultant, discusses with Dan McNeil, Platform & API Director at ComplyAdvantage, how mental health is no longer a taboo subject in the tech industry and how people should start opening up more about how they really feel.

They discuss:

  • How do you create a safe space for the team to talk about mental health while working from home?

  • Leaders aren't bulletproof – how do you ensure the mental health of leaders in your organisation?

  • How recognised is the issue of mental health throughout the hiring process?

If you’re interested in featuring in one of our next Hydrogen Tech T@lks or if you want to find out more about what Tech jobs we have available here at Hydrogen, get in touch with our Technology recruitment expert, Zain Graham.

Posted 8 months ago
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Zain Graham

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