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Singing lyrical about the US corporate boom: from the Bay to the Big Apple

​Come on up for the rising…

It may not be the same Boss who wrote these lyrics, but believe me, there are certainly a lot of bosses ready to hire! With hiring rates returning to, and even rising over, pre-Covid levels in some areas, now is as good a time as any to start to reassess what you want from your career. In true comeback culture, corporate law has bounced back big from the Covid slump and it is no shock to the market that the Bay Area and New York remain at the forefront of the corporate boom. Corporate has always been one of the busiest practice areas in the US and this shows no signs of changing.

We are currently working on multiple focuses:

  • General Corporate

  • Securities

  • M&A

  • Private Equity

  • Emerging Markets & Venture Capital

  • Technology Transactions

  • Private Funds & Investment Funds

  • Restructuring

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin…

…by saying that, although we don’t encourage you to ‘Jump Around’, finding a new firm can be the smart new start you didn’t realise you needed. The Covid pandemic has provided people the time to reflect on what is important to them and people are actively making positive changes.

If your house is a ‘House of Pain’ then consider packing it in and finding the right role and place for you to shine and grow. With most of our roles supporting relocation, perhaps it is also time to pack it up and get on the move. The opportunities are endless with options in The Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and LA to New York and everywhere in between! Believe it or not, you are not the only one who has suppressed their eagerness to travel following Covid – take it from a US Legal Recruiter currently based in London.

Perhaps you are at a BigLaw firm looking for a broader role with more varied work or you are in a large team looking to find that close-knit culture. Or maybe you are looking to take a step up and earn the big bucks at BigLaw or even getting to the stage in your career where you want to start to put that expertise to good use and specialise. If any of these scenario’s sound like you, then get in touch to discuss the market.

We are currently working with a number of leading Law Firms:

  • BigLaw

  • International Law Firm

  • Technology Specialist Firm

  • Boutique to mid-sized Firms

You’re a shining star, no matter who you are…

Firms that are looking to grow their teams want to bring on people who share a similar mindset, ambition, and enthusiasm for the firm, market and work. Remember, interviews are a two-way street; it is just as important for you to get to better understanding of the role and firm as it is for the firm to better understand you. It needs to be a fit on both sides. We will help you through your preparation and guide you through the process, utilizing our knowledge of the market, our clients, and our long experience of art of interviewing.

If you are starting to consider your opportunities moving forward; the right role is out there, and we can help you find it! We can guide you not only on experience fit, but culture fit also – giving you access to a wide array of opportunities that we have built through established relationships.

Although a Juris Doctor degree and relevant US Bar admission is key for most of our clients, many firms also consider Australian citizens/qualified lawyers as well as other international attorneys. Whether it is discussing our current opportunities, chatting through the market, or simply providing advice on a move; we are here to help you see ‘what your life can truly be’.

What now?

If you want to hear more then please get in touch for a confidential chat with Aaron Burton.

Posted almost 3 years ago
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