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Life in Jersey as an Offshore Lawyer

An interview with Jenny Havard - Litigation Associate at Mourant
​What interested you about making the move Offshore?

Moving to Jersey from Dublin seemed like an easy decision as it was time for a change and the increased salary and tax breaks meant that I would have more disposable income than ever. Also, the opportunity to escape the rain and move to a country with guaranteed sunshine couldn’t be passed up.

Professionally speaking, I understood that working in a Jersey law firm would allow me access to higher value and more varied work while maintaining a better work-life balance than offered in bigger cities.

How did you find the transition Offshore?

As someone who had moved countries before, I knew that it was never going to be a completely smooth transition. However, I found everyone to be extremely welcoming and helped me to settle in very quickly.

What support has been made available? What has your experience been like?

Luckily, Jersey is full of people who have moved here from all over the world. I have found that there are people both in and out of the office who are happy to share their experiences and support you in any way that they can.

What is it like living in Jersey?

Overall, I am very happy with my decision to move to Jersey. I live less than a five minute walk from the office and the work is diverse and challenging.

During the warmer months I take full advantage of the sunshine and spend most of my weekends hiking and eating in nice restaurants that are dotted all over the island. There are also lots of sport clubs and gyms to choose from, so if you enjoy keeping fit, Jersey is definitely for you.

Also, Jersey is only around an hour and a half to Dublin and less than an hour to London by plane. You can also travel by ferry to Saint-Malo, France in about hour and twenty minutes.

What are the pros of working and living in Jersey?

I would say that the main benefit of working and living in Jersey are the generous tax breaks and gorgeous weather. Jersey is also very picturesque with a very low crime rate.

I have also found that the cost of renting in Jersey is on par with Dublin and London. In fact, I would say that the rental properties are actually nicer in Jersey as there are many newly built properties to rent that also have an ocean view.

Is there anything that you have struggled with living in Jersey?

I think it is obvious that you will miss your friends and family when you move abroad. However, I have found that people are more than happy to visit. Especially as Jersey isn't too far away.

Also, the cost of purchasing property in Jersey is quite expensive and while there are nice shops in Jersey, I do miss I miss the variety in Dublin.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the process and how you found this?

I went through a three-stage interview process which was all conducted online. I can only speak from experience, but I didn’t feel like my interviewers were trying to trip me up in any way. Each interview was very conversational, and the interviewers really just wanted to know about my past experience and how well I could fit into their team. I was also very lucky that my recruiters gave me invaluable tips before each interview and called me after to check in which made me feel very supported.

With regards to the work permit and visa, this was all organised for me by the HR department of my firm. However, if you do need to contact a government office, I found that they respond to any queries very swiftly.

In terms of the actual physical relocation, I drove from Dublin to Jersey with my car filled to the brim with my belongings, which I would not recommend. Most employers provide a generous relocation package which include moving costs, so I would take full advantage of that and just bring the clothes you need and have everything else shipped over later.

What have you enjoyed most about the move?

Meeting new people has definitely been the highlight of my move, not to mention that I have expanded my professional network and skillset considerably.

What did you do to settle into Island life?

When moving to a new country you do have to make more effort than usual to meet new people, so I joined the women's basketball league and I also take box-fit classes most days.

In terms of the firm’s social life, you could attend a firm-wide social event every month if you wanted to. Also, our team also has an away day every quarter and drinks on the office floor every month.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a move Offshore?

1. Try to secure a license from your employers so you can rent or buy any property in Jersey.

2. Be very honest about your experience during your interview so that your employers know that they may have to provide you with additional support and training if needed.

3. If you are renting you should keep in mind that most rental properties are unfurnished. As furniture is quite expensive in Jersey, it is often easier and cheaper to ship all of your furniture from home than to buy it new here.

4. Listen to your recruiters when they give you interview advice as they know the offshore market inside and out!

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