New ways of working: how Hydrogen does flex working

It's simple - our people are our biggest asset. That’s why we took action when our staff survey last year revealed that our consultants wanted a better work-life balance.

Our people are our biggest asset – often this is truer in the recruitment industry than in most other industries. Yet we know that any one of our staff could be offered another job in today’s market; as they’re highly skilled and highly valued people. (Never before has there been such a demand for recruiters!)

That’s why we took action when our staff survey last year revealed that our consultants wanted a better work-life balance.

Achieving that work-life balance isn’t easy (especially in the recruitment industry), but it’s so important. We’ve found that when our staff are more refreshed, they’re more motivated and more productive. Our recent research supports this, as we found that 92% of employers think that those who work flexibly are just as, if not more productive than those who work regular hours.

New ways of working

In our London office we’re currently trialling a flexi-time policy. This means that as long as you’re in the office during ‘core hours’, you can flex your remaining hours around this. This can mean starting a little later or maybe leaving a little earlier – as long as you meet your targets, and still fulfil your contracted hours, you can have flexibility around when you work.

Just because you’re not working every hour of the day, does not mean you’re not working hard!

We know that working across a global market can be tricky when you have to manage lots of different time zones. But by investing more in technology and our infrastructure, we’ve now acquired the ability to work anywhere at any time.

You could be anywhere in the world, but as long as you have an internet connection, it’s like being at your desk.” - Ian Temple, CEO

This allows many of our UK staff to work from home at least one day a week due to family or care commitments. It has even allowed one individual to work full-time in Poland, allowing him to be with his family.

Sometimes you need a little more than just flexible working though. Students looking for part-time work can take full advantage of our Digital Researcher role; which is a great entry level position into the recruitment industry.

Ultimately, we understand that at different times in your life you have different responsibilities outside of work. That’s why we’ve taken these first steps towards creating a more flexible working environment for our staff. We’re continuing to learn from our flexi-time trial – what works for one individual, doesn’t always work for another. As long as you can be clear on your goals and commitment, flexible working is a massive benefit for both our staff and our company.

Do you want to work more flexibly? Come join our team!

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To download our recent flexible working research report about how organisations can use flexible working to gain a competitive advantage, click here.​

Posted over 6 years ago

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