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A whitepaper about supporting diverse talent in the legal industry

​Diverse teams in all sectors are proven to be more creative, innovative and perform better overall. Yet, for many businesses in the legal sector the challenge is not only how to best attract and hire more diverse legal teams, but also how to create the right workplace environment to engage and therefore retain them.
Hydrogen Group Managing Consultant Stephanie Brückl hosted a team of experts spanning both the legal and diversity arenas for a panel discussion, via webinar, to discuss how best we can support diverse talent in the legal industry.

We focused our attention on key topics such as:

  • The benefits to having a diverse team

  • When it comes to recruiting legal talent, what can hiring managers do to ensure they are being as inclusive as possible?

  • What can hiring managers and colleagues be doing to create anti-racist working environments and champion diversity?

  • Encouraging diverse talent into leadership role

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Posted about 3 years ago
About the author:
Stephanie Brückl

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