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A whitepaper built on key findings from our Global LPM Leaders Roundtable

We hosted another series of our LPM Leaders Roundtable Events. Our Global LPM Leaders Roundtable moved to virtual experiences when the global pandemic hit, but have been such a success, we've continued with them, despite some locations starting to move back to the office. The virtual platform has been giving our increasingly busy LPM leaders more flexibility about when they can join us, and welcome leaders from international locations to hear more diverse points of view.

Despite lockdown slowing down business across most sectors, the LPM market has continued to evolve, so much that we seem to be almost at a tipping point for the sector. ​In this series of online events, we focused our attention on key topics such as:

  • The ongoing evolution of the LPM function

  • How do you train people and develop their careers if there's no industry standard

  • How do you change the perception of LPM as being a free, ad-on service

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Posted over 2 years ago
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Karen Rayment

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