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Things firms can do to secure a candidate in this competitive and candidate-driven market

​One of the biggest challenges faced by firms this year has been the war on talent. It’s not uncommon for the best candidates to have multiple offers. Having managed many of these situations, our private practice team share their top 10 tips to give you the best chance of securing these candidates.
  1. Speed

Reducing the hiring process time, including stages of interviews and make a quick decision on an offer following the final stage. Quick turnaround shows professionalism and commitment. Have internal approvals and budgets ready prior to the offer to avoid further delays.

  1. Engagement

Demonstrate your interest from inception, provide thorough feedback following the interviews and throughout. Even an email from one of the hiring partners direct to the candidate post an initial interview.

  1. Balanced interview process

Some lawyers can be put off by excessive technical assessments and testing. If you do a technical interview, ensure this is balanced with competency questions and getting to know the candidates too.

  1. Put your best foot forward

Offer the best salary from the get-go without having to negotiate, this includes a sign-on bonus. If you put your best foot forward, then you maximise your chances to demonstrate how committed you are to that candidate.

  1. Attractive benefits

Be transparent and upfront on annual leave, flexible working, occasional remote working as well as the positive/engaging work environment.

  1. Relocation package

Be flexible based on where they are relocating from and take into consideration all their needs i.e., spouse, pets, shipping etc.

  1. Sign-on bonuses

Please don’t be shy, everyone is using them!

  1. Adding a personal touch

An email or call from the partners/head of department expressing their interest in having them on board. Arrange a meeting in person or go for drinks with the team.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion

Keep an open mind and adjust your expectations on where candidates come from, based on the current market. Typical common law jurisdictions have already been depleted so look to broaden your horizons and embrace a more diverse workforce.

  1. USPs

It’s always worth articulating your USP during interviews. It may be obvious to you but it’s always very useful for the external market to hear how you differentiate yourselves.

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Posted almost 2 years ago
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