Is it time to hire your first in-house lawyer?

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​Start-up businesses are booming in the UK and as funding increases and work forces grow, founders and CEO’s should be thinking about hiring their first in-house lawyer.

But when is the right time? Opinions may vary on this point but I’m sure most would agree that hiring a lawyer should always be a business planned action rather than a reaction.

​During business growth, the right corporate/commercial lawyer will be able to turn their hand to all manner of contracts, acquisitions, financial matters, intellectual property protection, disputes and employment matters. In some cases, they can spot risks before a private practice lawyer would, given that they are fully immersed in your business. This not only keeps your business running more efficiently, but saves you a significant sum on external legal fees.

What to look for when hiring.

​It is crucial that you hire someone with the right personality fit for your organisation. This person must support your growth and be invested in your vision and business plans. They must get along with everyone in the business and be able to flex their style as they may be advising the board one day and delivering training to junior staff on other days. They must have a broad array of experience and the confidence to turn their hand to any matter that may arise. They also must understand that the business needs to be able to take on a certain amount of risk in order to grow and compete. They should be able to strike a balance between this and protecting the company sufficiently from a legal perspective. Addressing these points throughout the interview process should guarantee a valuable addition to your business.

​Employing an in-house lawyer should give you peace of mind. Having an experienced solicitor dedicating 100% of their attention to your business, reducing risk, protecting your assets and increasing productivity (and therefore revenue) could be the difference between success and failure.

​The process of hiring an in-house lawyer can be daunting. Unless you have a background or experience in law then how would you know who you should be hiring? This is when you should turn to an experienced recruiter…

​Hydrogen has over 20 years’ experience in advising businesses about their hiring needs. In the current market, we’re working with more start-ups than ever before and have a lot of experience in assisting businesses in hiring their first solicitor. We are also working with more and more candidates who are keen to make the move into young, exciting and dynamic businesses that offer them responsibility and a broad varied role.

​If you are considering hiring a lawyer and would like to discuss your options and the market then please do not hesitate to get in touch – cameronmccammon@hydrogengroup.com 02070020214. ​

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